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What We Offer

Enlighten You

Our job is to enlighten you on the programs and schools that best fit your profile and overall portfolio.

Teach You

Everything you need to submit the most competitive applications is explained to you.

Every Step

With our mentorship, you get guidance every step of the way. The mentorship lasts for as long as needed.

Your Success

Our personalized mentorship ensures you get all you need to put your best self forward. Your success is our mission and we hold your hands throughout the application process.

Don’t Settle For Less

When there are so many opportunities

We are an all-around  graduate school mentorship hub whose mission is to provide the most relevant, accurate, and highly effective guidance and mentorship to prospective graduate students seeking to obtain fully funded offers!!!

We have successfully helped tens of people gain multiple fully-funded offers using a very personalized approach based on each student’s unique portfolio.

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Need Graduate School Mentorship?

Physical Sciences; Biological Sciences; Technology/Engineering; Arts; Business Administration; Social Sciences; Education

Whatever degree you have, get a consultation and we would let you know your options for your graduate school education.

“We strive to get you multiple fully-funded offers in graduate schools in the United States and Canada”

Raheemat Rafiu

Founder – The Graduate School Hub

Framework of the mentorship



Desired Degree Program




External Exams like GRE or GMAT (waived or optional for some schools and programs)


TOEFL or IELTS (English Proficiency Tests) (waived or optional for some schools and programs)


Degree verification with WES (optional for some schools and programs)



Sourcing for Schools with all requirements ticked…


Cold Emails for prospective professors


Networking with Professors on Professional Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter


Networking with Graduate Students


Maximizing Graduate School events


Impeccable Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose/Research Statement that makes your Portfolio stand out


Visa Tutorials and Mock Visa Interviews


One-on-One mentorship and Guidance for as long as needed


Here are some common questions answered.


How do I pay for mentorship?

You can pay online for the mentorship program.

What exactly will I get after the mentorship program?

The mentorship provides you with all the information you need to submit the most competitive graduate school applications. The mentorship aims to guide you through various steps to increase your chances of fully-funded graduate school offers exponentially.

What platform will be used for interaction?

The major platforms are WhatsApp, Emails, and LinkedIn.

Will there be classes/interactive sessions?

GSH is based on a personalized mentorship, you get to communicate with the Mentor directly, and all the information you need will be sent directly to your inbox. This helps you get the most support and resources out of the mentorship program.

Will you help me review/prepare my documents for my grad school application?

Your documents are not only reviewed but also redrafted as appropriate. Your cold emails, Statement of Purpose, Personal Statement, Research Statement, Diversity Statement for each graduate school application will be reviewed/redrafted.

The Mentorship

Will I get a publication from the mentorship training?

GSH is a mentorship program. You get the important resources you need for your applications but not a publication from the Mentorship program.

Will there be certificates after the mentorship?

Yes, a certificate of completion would be provided for those who complete the mentorship program.

Can undergraduates apply for the mentorship

The mentorship is mainly for people who have undergone a bachelor’s degree and want to apply to Graduate Schools in the United States/Canada.

What are the minimum requirements for the mentorship?

A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement needed to qualify for the Mentorship program. You will also need transcripts/mark sheets needs to be prepared. Other documentation required depends on your preferred graduate program and course of study.


What’s the duration of the mentorship?

Mentorship lasts for as long as needed, usually, many candidates are in the mentorship program for less than a year.

But my CGPA is low, can I still get scholarships?

A low CGPA does not mean you cannot get these scholarships. However, your application needs to be strengthened with other documentations.

WES evaluation is encouraged if you have a low cgpa. WES recalculates your CGPA to a scale of 4.0. If you had previously retaken a course, the failed course is not included in your new CGPA calculation.
You are guided through the WES evaluation process once your mentorship starts.

When will I be admitted?

Most Schools admit students for Fall Semester (August) and very few for Spring (January) Admissions. Funding is also very limited or not available for Spring Admissions in some Graduate Schools/Programs. Most Schools have their application window from August 2021 – January 2022. Take advantage of this application window to get FULLY-FUNDED GRADUATE OFFERS in the USA & CANADA.


Can I know/see some of your successful case studies?

Yes, there are many testimonials from students in the United States for their MS/Ph.D. programs


What our clients say

” For my grad school journey, Raheemat played a vital role in sailing the ship of my grad school application write-ups. With the insightful and creative suggestions, comments, and recommendations from her reviews, I ended up with remarkable essays, and also gained several miles of
understanding of what grad school essays entail. She’s great at this stuff!!!

Adekunle Adewole

Materials Science II Electronics II Dynamic materials II PhD-ing

Raheemat Rafiu has proven to be an informed and skilled help in my pursuit of graduate school admission. She started with me from the very beginning with exams and sending customized emails to faculty members up until the application process itself, admissions, and finally
choosing which school to settle for out of the 13 fully-funded offers I got. I would recommend her 100%. Reaching out to her for help is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made and the highlight of my year 2020.

Tomiwa Lawal


Raheemat is an excellent, result-driven and passionate individual. She is cut out for making lasting impact in her immediate environment and the world at large. She is the right person to contact for graduate mentorship. I contacted her when I needed help for getting funding up till my visa interview process and I am glad it all worked fine. Raheemat is an absolute delight to work with and brings her best to the table

Yetunde Wasilat Fadipe

Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Tennessee Knoxville/Public Health Nutritionist